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Small town life is the only thing Julia Becca has ever known. Although she has often wondered what was out there she never did much traveling. Deciding to settle down and raise her family gave her a comfort like nothing else could. Her Bachelors Degree was a major accomplishment and very well worth her time at the University where she studied. Being a business co-owner as well as a mom, wife and business manager has been more than fulfilling for her.   . . . read more

Julia Becca Books

Her Own Serenity - Cover

Growing up I knew I had some kind of connection with my grandmother.  Discovering the same passions within myself that I read from her journals after her death made me realize the connection.  The seduction and sexual desires that poured onto the pages of this woman's journal pages was more than I could fathom . . . more info

Her Demons Of Passions- Cover

I took a deep breath and began to walk again. When I turned back around, there he was, standing directly in front of me.  I just stared as the night breath stole my last breath.  Everything about him was perfect . . . more info

Books in the Works

An invitation. She has been to interactive shows and plays before so why does she feel this one is different? Against her gut instinct  ... coming soon

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Her marriage was on the rocks. They tried to make it work. She even agreed to becoming sexually active with another couple. When it all goes wrong and her marriage falls apart   ... coming soon