Wanting More



She went back to that same cafe in hopes of finding what it was that drew her close to it in the first place so many months ago. She sat there, coffee in hand, working almost diligently but with a wandering eye for that something that intrigued her.
A trio, sitting in the corner, talking in a foreign tongue, intriguing, but only in the sense that it brought a diverse culture into her little corner of the world.
A couple sitting by the window conversing about his latest business trip. The woman with him notating fiercely on a pad of paper. Just business.
She worked more, her mind getting completely submerged into what she was currently editing.
The door opens.
A man and a woman enter.
The woman finds a seat at a table somewhat close by as the man gives their order to the counter, taking charge, ordering what he thinks the woman might like. He joins her moments later.
Something about the way he touches the woman’s arm as they talk. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. They weren’t supposed to be there, together, the way they were.
coupleHe spoke of his wife and the gift he bought to make up for their last argument. The twinkle in the woman’s eye, she was the reason for that argument.
This meeting she witnessed aroused her.
She wanted to watch him leave with this woman. She wanted to watch him seduce her. She wanted to see the taboo that was to take place after they left the cafe.
She tried to work more, but her distraction was too intense. Even though they just sat there minding their own business, she couldn’t help but imagine the way he fucked her as his wife took care of his children.
They got up and left soon after. They stood outside the door. So close to each other as they conversed further. The rain pouring down. They didn’t want to part ways.
couple rainKiss her she said quietly. Kiss her. He didn’t. They parted ways. She was disappointed.
She wanted more.