Reviews from Readers

"A peek inside the door"

Nice title, somewhat naughty.. intriguing.  The exposition is simply marv. I like the settings you have described. Your details. So heart felt. One sentence  put tears in my eyes. I loved your use of words and lines that are descriptive.."my heart began to beat a bit  faster" - "windowsill" - "key slid in like butter".

I think you are VERY skilled in you narratives, very, very skilled. I haven't come across narration so velvet like  in my whole academic life. You are a master. "I knew that one day someone would be sitting here and in this very spot reading what she had written so long ago". " i opened the hard cover and began to read it". This line made me yell "OH SHIT" out loud. That's how sexy your introduction was. Keep up this good work. -Vincent A.

I have a friend that told me she wanted to be a writer.  I read some of her stuff over the years and always told her to go for it.  Well, we lost touch for a few years and what do you know i get on the internet one day and there she is.  With her very first book.  She called it "Her Own Serenity".  I have never started to read a book and not care about eating or sleeping until I read this book.  She writes about love,lust and mystery.  With 2 peoples point of view you never not know who it is that is talking and telling the story from page to page.  I have read this book 3 times.

"Loved this story!  Each chapter pulling me in deeper and deeper trying to figure out the secrets and uncover the lies.  What's going to happen to the orphanage?  Will she find forgiveness with the man she loves? Loved every second of this book!!  I can't wait to read Volume 2!"  -grumpybybirth

I read this three times.  The best part is that you "sold" this as two different people so well; the erotica was so hot, but your narrator was also very believable.  Both were different and felt very real.  My heart raced reading Gram's stories, they were amazing.  -Sinclair

You know I have in my earlier yrs watched a show late night on Cinemax, where they showed a lot of heated moments but make you have to wonder and think, not actually showing it all. Your book, all you have to do is read it, close your eyes and imagine. I think your book is awesome, period. It expands my mind. You have away of getting the readers attention from the start and feeling like they are there in reality while reading. -W. Mullins

"Work of Art"  "I am not a connoisseur of "erotica", although I have read some. My deepest appreciation of this is its use of the art as the story. The other great feature (to me) is the absence of the usual "every step of intercourse" graphic detail. You are putting the idea across through allegory, a far more subtle approach. I prefer that. I liked someone's description of a photo somewhere on a web site, as "the obligatory obscene photo of the day". Although it was in good taste, it had that touch of rascality that she had an excellent ear for. I thoroughly enjoyed the use of the brush as the instrument of eroticism, adding enough detail for us to realize how the artist and the model became his work--and to discover the work becoming one with both of them--almost a mental menage à trois.  Let us say, "I read the entire excerpt without stopping---then immediately reread it again, pausing at the brush depictions, and at the closure of the 'farewell' scene. Then, I read it a third time, slowly, to absorb its pace. The pace accelerated, enough to change my breathing rhythm, a pretty sure signal of having been affected by what I read."  -a reader